First 2 weeks of 2015

First 2 weeks of 2015

January 25, 2015 Personal 0

Where miserable!

to get a very bad case of Man Flu! Actually managed to synchronise with the
wife so the house was not entirely unlike some sort of elderly care ward. It was
hot sweaty and smelt of cough mixture and Vicks (not Pee, which would have been
an altogether worse situation).

Glad to say back at work,
but the early mornings are now becoming even earlier with regular trips in to
the office at 06:30 at the desk type calls. This essentially means I need to be
up and at it for 04:50. Will have to see how sustainable this early
morning shift pattern is. I may just need to take some time at the end of the
day and bring forward meetings.

Time will tell.



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