British Gas you are rubbish

British Gas you are rubbish

October 21, 2015 Consumer Jim Kirkby 0

British GasI’m having a major challenge in getting a credit from my gas supplier, this is the last mail I’ve had to send them. Its been going on for months now. They make promise and then fails to give me the credit.

Good afternoon,

I’d like this matter taken up with a senior manager now, please.

The money was supposed of gone in over a month ago and as per your mail below a second attempt to put it into my account no later than the 20th October. I’m assuming you meant 20th October 2015, I realise its Back to the Future day today but that is based on fiction (a bit like your promises of a credit) and should have no bearing on my timelines.

Having checked my account, I can see that no payment has been forthcoming from British Gas. This is verging on the farcical and frankly I’m finding the entire level effort being put in by me to manage you a little on the irksome side. I’m suspecting at the current rate of time (so long in fact Marty Mcfly even without the aid of a time machine will be a very old man pushing is hoverboard with a Zimmer frame mounted on it) my credit will have accrued enough interest to buy a DeLorean sports car.

If a credit totalling £967.81 does not arrive in my account by close of play tomorrow, I’ll be seeking legal advice and complaining to the ombudsmen. Regrettably I don’t yet have a Mr Fusion Home Energy Reactor so Gas is still a primary source of heat in our household, I’m not sure buying from British Gas is a customer experience I’m prepared to put up with for much longer. Do not underestimate the gravity of the situation. I do not want you to fob me off with another passive email. I want the matter dealing with!


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