British Gas debacle continues

British Gas debacle continues

October 26, 2015 British Gas Consumer 0

Todays reply to the latest email from British Gas. The challange I have with all of this, is that had it not been for the fact that I’m currently doing not a lot. I would have struggled to find the time to keep chasing. The second issue is that at every juncture British Gas have agreed a credit is due but filed to pay without tagging weeks on to the actual payment date.


I’ve decided I would like to take you up on the offer of sending me a copy of the complaints procedure, through the post.

It has become clear to me that there has been a wholesale failure in your middle management team and their ability to manage customer issues of this gravity. At every juncture during this sorry episode I have had to drive your business to attempt a sensible conclusion. British Gas has constantly failed to supervise this and have relied entirely on me to push your business.

I find the lack of responsibility utterly appalling! Further, I believe there has been a concerted effort to actually delay payment of this credit. No other company will wait from month to month to issue a credit if it deems it necessary and appropriate. In today’s, modern banking economy money can be moved in seconds. It strikes me that British Gas and its management team have been complicit in ensuring that in the case of this credit, all means possible have been used to not pay it. When I first raised this with your company a number of months ago you managed to send an engineer around within 24 hours to check our meter. If you can do that you can surely raise a credit in a timely manner.

If this was for a few pounds I wouldn’t be so vociferous in my request for a credit, this is not for a few pounds. As it stands at the moment my electricity account stands at £xxxx.43 in credit, for many people that would be the difference between putting food on the table or making a mortgage payment. I am fortunate that I have the wherewithal to cope, equally right now I have had the time to fight you on a monthly basis to try and bring this to as of yet amicable conclusion.

Given you still haven’t paid the credit, and I hold no hope that despite the amount of additional time you have given yourselves you will. Additionally the level effort I have had to put into this, I fully intend to follow you up on a formal complaint and seek advice on further action to ensure the relevant senior manager in British Gas are brought to account for this debacle.

Jim Kirkby

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