The Mo must go!

The Mo must go!

December 1, 2013 Personal 0

A Movember Post

I’m under orders to remove the Mo. Still a cracking result all round as far as cash goes. I raised just under £200 and i’ve yet to contribute, the team Telstra Hair Hero’s raised a £1690 with time still to donate.

The best yet that as a Network of teams across the world Telstra as a whole raised in excess of a cracking £46,000. Great to be part of such a brilliant cause and to have globally raised so much cash.

The good news that out of 61 Telstra teams the Telstra Hair Hero’s (Telstra Global EMEA Team) came 8th in the team rankings. Most importantly we thrashed the US team who laid down the challenge, sorry Peter!

I was asked by the company to answer a few questions I thought I would share my responses

Why did you get involved in Movember?
I’ve been involved in Movember for the last 4 years. As an exercise in raising funds it involves no significant physical effort other than putting 15 minutes extra time on the morning shave. I’m sure it’s the same all over the world but in London it’s grown a bit of cult status, with gentleman passing knowing nods to each other. There are of course some people who have a Mo all year round, they tend to spend the month of November in a state of abject paranoia being nodded and winked at for seemingly no reason what so ever. Oh and it raises much needed funding for research into Mens health issues, I Intend to live forever, so I’ll probably need all the help I can get.


What activities have you participated in to help raise funds and awareness?
Mainly standing up in front of the teams here in London and shouting about my intention to beat Peter Gallaghers team in the US by raising more funds than them. I recently hosted a table at the England v Australia Rugby match with some of our customers and prospects, we managed raise some extra cash. I don’t make a habit of taking hard currency from our customers (well not with out an invoice) but needs must, the final score was 20-13 to England all in all a cracking day out.
Any other comments?
This years competition has been fun, apart from the obvious rivalry it has been great to watch the teams playoff on the Movember website. As a collective we managed to get the Telstra up in the Australian leaderboard which makes me proud, we wouldn’t have had the scale to do that in the UK. Living proof if ever you needed it that we are Better Together especially when it comes to showing we care.


Did I mention you can still donate? Just click here 

If you have contributed to our cause this yeah my sincere thanks to you.




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